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Film Advisory Council

Meet The Team

We are pleased to introduce an advisory council that is dedicated to volunteering their expertise and guidance for a project that aims to highlight the contributions of trailblazers in medicine and dentistry. The project is designed to inspire and motivate students to pursue their dreams and find purpose in their lives by showcasing the remarkable accomplishments of pioneers in healthcare. 

Our council is composed of distinguished healthcare professionals, educators and community leaders who share a passion for promoting excellence and encouraging the next generation of leaders. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this initiative, providing valuable insights on how to effectively communicate the stories of these individuals. 

We believe the project will have a profound impact on the lives of students, inspiring them to pursue their aspirations with passion and perseverance. By highlighting the achievements of those who have come before them, we hope to instill a sense of purpose and ambition in the hearts of the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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