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Tara Fletcher

Tara Fletcher

Advisory Council 

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Tara Fletcher is a real estate broker with over 5 years of experience working in Raleigh, NC. She recently served as Vice President of RRAR Global Advisory Council, and she volunteered with the RRAR Giving Network.


Prior to transitioning into real estate, Tara worked in the aesthetics industry for 20 years. She has extensive experience working with people, identifying their needs and helping them to reach their goals. She is dedicated to community service, serving as a leader in a local women’s ministry and volunteering for a homeless shelter.


Tara is a graduate of NC Central University. She is the proud mother of four sons and when she’s not working with her clients, Tara can be found at cross country meets, basketball and soccer gameTaras. Tara also has a love for the arts and music.  She enjoys spending the little free time that she has reading, looking at beautiful things or listening to her favorite music.

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