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Cheryl A. M. Waymer

Advisory Council

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Cheryl Ann Marshall Waymer is a Bible Study Teacher; however, she began her
career as a Medical Laboratory Technician, specializing in phlebotomy. After working in
this field for less than a year, she married her high school sweetheart, Randy Waymer,
and moved to North Dakota because Randy was in the US Airforce and stationed
there. While moving around with her husband and having two children, Cheryl obtained
her Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. From college, she was recruited to
intern with and was soon hired by Big Six Accounting firms to audit corporations,
primarily in the manufacturing industry.

After working in the accounting field for several years, she moved into Total
Quality Management and soft skills training in the banking industry. She trained
banking personnel in Communications, Having Difficult Conversations, Dealing with
Difficult Customers, and other soft skills needed to improve the organization. During
these years, Cheryl also authored a fictional book entitled “Coincidences” under the
name C. Morning, which can be found on the Amazon website.

When she moved to North Carolina, Cheryl became a stay-at-home mother and
slowly transitioned to volunteering for and working with churches and not-for-profit
organizations to help marginalized people in the community. For approximately five
years, Cheryl volunteered for, served on the board of and worked for Love, In the
Name of Christ (Love, INC). Currently, in addition to various church ministries, Cheryl
volunteers for an international Bible Study organization.

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