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"Someone Else's Shoes"

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"Someone Else's Shoes"

Take a walk in a North Carolina healthcare pioneer's shoes.

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Our mini-documentary highlights trailblazers in medicine and dentistry in North Carolina who broke down barriers and paved the way for future generations, helping to increase everyone’s access to care. Today’s doctors of color stand on the shoulders of giants like Bishop Henry Beard Delany who saved one of the largest hospitals for Blacks on the East Coast in the early 1900s. Through in-depth interviews with experts, archival footage, and images, the film tells the story of these pioneers and the challenges they faced in their pursuit of equal access to quality healthcare.

The first film focuses on the establishment of St. Agnes Hospital in Raleigh. St. Agnes was one of the first Black-owned and operated hospitals in North Carolina. The hospital provided vital medical services to the Black community and helped to address the many challenges they faced, including discrimination and inadequate access to health care. A fire nearly destroyed St. Agnes, but Bishop Delany rebuilt the structure with the help of his college students.

In addition to exploring the deep roots of St. Agnes Hospital and Bishop Delany, the film also highlights the contributions of other Black pioneers, including Dr. Julius Chambers, Dr. Paul McGill, Dr. Kenneth Chambers, and Dr. Brenda Armstrong. Through the stories of these trailblazing individuals, the film encourages viewers to take a walk in a historic hero's shoes, highlighting the power of dedication and perseverance in the face of adversity. 

The film is a powerful and inspiring story that celebrates the achievements of Black pioneers in the field of healthcare, while providing valuable insights and context for anyone interested in the history of healthcare in North Carolina as well as the broader struggle for social justice and equality. 

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